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Green Juices

Nutrition clinic.
For personalised nutrition plans as unique as you.

Practitioner development.
For nutritional therapy that benefits everyone.

Nutrition and lifestyle habits affect how you feel and function. Knowing what works best for your individual needs helps you make healthier, informed choices that promote your optimal physical and mental wellbeing.

My nutrition clinic specialises in understanding what makes each client unique, considering everything from your genetics and family history, to your microbial community, work, culture and preferences.  


I create personalised nutrition plans designed for your individual needs, circumstances and health goals, through my Harley street, London practice at the Hale Clinic, and across the UK via online nutritional therapy consultations. 

-Embracing evidence - so you can adopt healthy habits with confidence

-Transforming health - at home and in the workplace.

-Elevating practitioners - to build success and inspire change. 

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