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Nutritional Therapy and Practitioner Support:
Advice for healthier living and Professional development

Hi, I'm Adam Greer

I'm a Nutritional Therapist with 15+ years' experience helping individuals and nutrition practitioners make more informed decisions about eating for health.

I am passionate about transforming lives through nutrition. In my clinic, I work closely with clients to improve their diets, optimise their nutrient intake and support those facing significant health challenges. Beyond the clinic, I am committed to helping other nutrition practitioners grow and succeed in their careers.

Personalised nutrition plans for your health

Tailored nutrition plans designed for your unique needs and goals. Receive practical, judgment-free support and guidance at every step.

Practitioner development support for success 

Evidence-based nutrition training, clinical practice support and business mentorship. Learn, grow, succeed and feel confident in your work through personalised professional development..

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My Approach

Nutrition is personal, complex, and often misunderstood. We need to eat, but knowing what to eat when your health and performance depend on having reliable, relevant and realistic information is tricky with conflicting advice everywhere. I help people make clear, informed lifestyle choices for better health.

Nutritional Therapy Clinic

Nutrition and lifestyle habits affect how you feel and function. It's a lot easier to make healthier, informed choices that promote your optimal physical and mental wellbeing, when you know what works best for your individual needs. 


My nutrition clinic helps people understand what makes them unique, from your genetics, personal and family medical history, to your nutritional status and even your microbiome. 


I create personalised nutrition plans designed to suit your individual needs, schedule, culture and preferences. And provide ongoing support to keep you motivated through nutritional therapy consultations online and in-person through my London practice at the Hale Clinic in Harley Street.

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 Mentoring for Nutritionists

My nutrition career has taken me in various directions, including private practice, the charity sector, academia, and consultancy. I've also been mentoring practitioners for over a decade. I recognise there are many career paths within nutrition, each with its own challenges and opportunities. When mentoring nutritionists, I take a personalised approach that reflects the individual's career stage, passions, goals and needs.​

Mentoring can help

  • Develop skills and knowledge for your chosen career path

  • Transition to/from self-employment

  • Build an online business

  • Communicate effectively, strategically and authentically with your audience

  • Manage your clinic efficiently

  • Collaborate responsibly with other professionals, commercial partners and charities

  • Create useful, profitable, evidence-based products and educational resources

  • Design workplace wellness programs

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest research, and grow professionally 

Clarity and Direction

Identify and prioritise your nutrition career goals and create a personalised, structured plan to achieve them

Confidence and Motivation

Stay on-track and build confidence in your abilities and your professional decisions with advice and support

Professional Development

Develop and refine your business, clinical, and research skills to excel in your professional practice

Continuing Education

Stay up-to-date with the latest nutrition research and industry best practices with access to learn-on-demand courses

Build a fulfilling and rewarding nutrition career that makes a difference

Clinical Supervision for Nutritionists

Every client has unique needs, experiences, and obstacles that can challenge even for the most experienced nutrition professionals.  Clinical supervision provides a confidential, supportive space for practitioners at all levels to explore and problem-solve complex cases from a fresh perspective with an experienced colleague. 

Resolve Challenging Cases

Identify overlooked factors and find new ways to support your client, examining complex cases from different angles.

Create Focused Plans

Identify the most impactful interventions for complex cases to create focused plans that help clients reach health goals sooner.

Practice with Confidence

Stay compliant with best practice guidelines and standards about your scope of practice, and evidence-based health claims you can make.

Improve Client Engagement

Build trust with difficult-to-reach clients to openly discuss sensitive topics, address core needs, and sustain commitment.

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Nutrition Training and CPD Courses

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Custom Nutrition Tutorials

Flexible, evidence-based nutrition tutorials focused on topics that interest you most. Deepen your professional, academic or personal understanding at your own pace, either 1-on-1 or in small groups of up to 4 people.

 Live Nutrition CPD Events

Join live nutrition webinars for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) including comprehensive courses, standalone events, and sessions to sharpen research and laboratory testing skills and stay current. 

 Nutrition CPD Courses

Access on-demand, pre-recorded nutrition courses for self-paced learning. Choose from perennially available content or scheduled courses with group discussion forums to deepen knowledge and engage with peers.


Charlotte Stanford

“Beyond what I expected...I couldn’t recommend Adam and his service more, it has genuinely changed my life."


"Great teaching, informative, backed up by research, what more could you want?"

Dr Emma Weymouth

“Everything was explained clearly and concisely...Comprehensive content, professionally delivered.”

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