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GUTtalks/GENEtalks Package
GUTtalks/GENEtalks Package

GUTtalks/GENEtalks Package

This package deal includes access to both GENEtalks & GUTtalks Pre-recorded video-on-demand lecture-based courses, providing 80-hours CPD.

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Time & Location

29 Oct 2022, 10:00 BST – 29 Jul 2023, 14:00 BST

Pre-recorded Video On-Demand

About the course

This package deal provides access to both GENEtalks and GUTtalks CPD courses, each providing 40-hours of pre-recorded streaming-on-demand lecture content, for a total of 80-hours CPD education. 

About GENEtalks

Is the answer to optimum health and wellbeing really all in the genes?

Can genetics alter the way our body responds to foods or influence nutrition requirements?

Do foods, lifestyle or nutritional supplements we consume modify gene expression or compensate for their effects?

How strong is the evidence about the impact of specific gene variations on health, to aid clinical decision-making?

Which health claims about nutrigenomics are clinically justifiable versus lacking credibility?

What is known about the interactions between different gene variants, and why does it matter?

Are commercially available genetic tests reliable, and what do you need to consider when choosing tests, or interpreting their results?

Could planned changes in the regulation, delivery and availability of genetic screening in the UK influence clinical nutrition scope of practice? What do we know so far?

Across 10x monthly video-streaming lectures, this course will refresh and build-upon foundational genetics to introduce the essential knowledge required to make evidence-based decisions about nutrigenomics in clinical practice.  The course assumes you will be a healthcare practitioner or final year student with a good foundation in nutrition.

Each video will be released monthly to stream (but not download) as many times as you need throughout the course duration. You will receive permanent copies of the slides.

What will you learn about?

Available from 29th October 2022

Lecture 1:  Foundations in Genetics: Legislation and UK/EU initiatives; molecular biology refresh, terminology, current/future practice requirements.

Available from 26th November 2022

Lecture 2: Genetic Tests: Technologies - standardisation, reliability and accreditation of laboratories; issues and limitations.

Available from 24th December 2022

Lecture 3: Identifying, interpreting and critiquing genetic research: weight, quality, scope, statistical issues and applying evidence to clients.

Available from 28th January 2023

Lecture 4: Nutrient assimilation & metabolism.

Available from 25th February 2023

Lecture 5: Cardiovascular health.

Available from 25th March 2023

Lecture 6: Endocrine and metabolic health.

Available from 29th April 2023

Lecture 7: Neuro-, psycho- and cognitive health.

Available from 27th May 2023

Lecture 8: Inflammation & immune health.

Available from 24th June 2023

Lecture 9: Musculoskeletal health.

Available from 29th July 2023

10. Liver metabolism, phytochemical and drug interactions.

About GUTtalks

GUTtalks is a 10-part, lecture-based course that provides nutrition practitioners with the information needed to confidently develop evidence-based, up-to-date, nutrition plans to support clients with a range of gastro-intestinal health concerns.  40-hours of video-streamed lecture content will be provided along with pdf copies of slides for each topic.

Each lecture will consider epidemiological, pathophysiological and microbiological influences in addition to dietary, lifestyle and nutraceutical influences on health. Videos will be released ~fortnightly (except Christmas/NY) between 19th November 2022 to 15th April 2023. They will not be available to download but will available to stream upon release for the remainder of the course. Slides will be available to download as a permanent resource.

What will you learn about?

Available from 19th November, 2022

Lecture 1: Coeliac disease, wheat and gluten IgE-mediated allergy and non-coeliac gluten sensitivity.

Available from 3rd December 2022

Lecture 2: Inflammatory bowel disease – pathophysiology, epidemiology and nutritional considerations.

Available from 17th December, 2022

Lecture 3: Irritable bowel syndrome, constipation and diarrhoea – pathophysiology, co-morbidities and nutritional considerations.

Available from 21st January, 2023

Lecture 4: Eosophageal, gastric and duodenal health: GORD, reflux, H.Pylori, ulceration and eosinophilic oesophagitis.

Available from 4th February, 2023

Lecture 5: Cholecystectomy, pancreatic insufficiency and bile disorders.

Available from 18th Feburary, 2023

Lecture 6: Steatohepatitis and liver diseases.

Available from 4th March, 2023

Lecture 7: Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth.

Available from 18th March, 2023

Lecture 8: Malabsorption-related intolerances and cystic fibrosis.

Available from 1st April, 2023

Lecture 9: Pathogens, antibiotics and gastrointestinal side-effects, including c. difficile.

Available from 15th April, 2023

Lecture 10: Intestinal Permeability: What do we really know?

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    This ticket provides access to both GENEtalks and GUTtalks CPD courses. These are video-on-demand courses, available from October 2022 to July 2023.

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