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Fibromyalgia and Me: Charlotte's Story

Senior associate Charlotte Stanford suffered from Fibromyalgia for over five years, impacting her entire life. Despite spending heavily on various specialists, relief eluded her until she consulted Adam Greer Nutrition for Nutritional Therapy. The remarkable health transformation she experienced motivated her to share her story, waiving her confidentiality rights for her testimonial.

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition affecting the muscles, connective tissue and nervous system. It causes significant widespread pain, exhaustion, cognitive difficulties, digestive issues and insomnia.


People with Fibromyalgia often have dysregulated chemical energy metabolism, inflammation, neurotransmitter signalling and alterations in the gut microbiome.

There is no known cure, but it is often managed with medication, stress management and physical therapies. 

Photograph of Charlotte Stanford, a nutritional therapy client who referred to the clinic with Fibromyalgia, and her dog. In the photo she is smiling outdoors with a tree in the background.

How I Was Living With Fibromyalgia

I had debilitating pain in the neck and back for over 5 years, constant pins and needles, extreme fatigue, dizziness, terrible sleep, hyper-sensitivity to sensory stimuli and foods, nausea, very painful heartburn,  bloating and  painful stomach/IBS symptoms… and this was everyday! All of this left me feeling irritable and angry, crying often out of frustration, as I was struggling to deal with daily life. 

Impact of Fibromyalgia

I felt as though doing the most simple task was an impossible challenge; the thought of walking my dog as he pulled on the lead filled me with dread, as it caused me so much pain. Having to be at work for 9am felt impossible.

Previous Fibromyalgia Treatment

I felt I had tried everything and had lost all hope; I had been to countless doctors, for blood tests (which is my biggest phobia), x-rays, ultrasounds on my thyroid, and  endless different prescriptions that made daily life even more of a challenge. I had also been to see many different physiotherapists, and spent a huge amount of money (upwards of £10k) on various alternative therapies and medications, none of which seemed to have any dramatic effect. 

Why AG Nutrition?

I was at a yoga class and I was speaking with the instructor about the pain I have through fibromyalgia. She told me her Mum’s story of her suffering with Fibromyalgia and how she was practically bed-bound until she started seeing Adam -  and she was now living pain-free and running 5km almost daily!!  

Level of Service at AG Nutrition

From the very first conversation, Adam was so lovely to deal with. Not only did his humility shine through, he is incredibly professional and passionate about his job. I understood immediately the level of service he was offering and what plan he would be putting in place.  

Fibromyalgia Pain Relief (and more)

Within weeks I noticed a dramatic difference in the pain, fatigue, stomach issues, and quality of sleep. To date, my symptoms have reduced by about 90%. 

Improvement in Quality of Life

The impact is way beyond what I expected, especially after trying so many other different things over years. I am able to do nearly any exercise I want to do that I could not do before. I am able to plan my life without worry about constant pain and fatigue. I have begun a new exercise journey this year and I am now considering a new career in Pilates because I am finally able to enjoy its benefits. 

Adam Greer Nutrition Changed My Life

I couldn’t recommend Adam and his service more, it has genuinely changed my life and I recently shared this with him how truly grateful I am to make such simple changes but experience such incredible results!  

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