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Become A Patron

Support Independent CPD Education

Year-round CPD Course Access, with A Patron Pass.

AG Nutrition Ltd. condenses hundreds of hours of research into every CPD course, making up-to-date clinical decisions about nutrition and lifestyle interventions easier, safer and more evidence based. 

As an independent education provider, with no financial sponsorship or support from industry (e.g., nutraceutical and testing service companies), it is only possible to create and update CPD courses by reducing consultation service time. Expenses, such as course accreditation, web and video-storage services, living costs, access to pay-walled journal articles etc. are typically built into the price of CPD courses, with necessarily cautious anticipation of attendee numbers. This can limit the affordability of courses and other services such as mentoring. 

The Patron Pass is a 12-month payment plan offered to patrons who wish to support nutrition practitioner education. This provides a predictable income stream, offering multiple potential benefits over time, making it possible to: 


  1. Continue providing practitioners with access to existing CPD courses.

  2. Update existing CPD course with the latest evidence. 

  3. Create new CPD courses and expand the breadth of learning for practitioners. 

  4. Maintain the quality of educational content. 

  5. Reduce the cost of CPD courses for non-patrons. 

  6. Reduce the cost of practitioner development services such as mentoring, clinical development and tutorial support. 

  7. Diversity the range of educational resources available e.g., blog, vlog, e-books, infographics.

  8. Develop higher-tech interactive web and app platforms for courses, to make learning-on-demand more fun, and easier to remember. 

  9. Receive, as a patron, year-round complimentary access to all CPD courses. 

  10. Access nutritional therapy and practitioner development services such as mentoring, with an exclusive 20% discount. 

AG Nutrition Ltd. is not a charitable or not-for-profit organisation but does aspire to provide affordable practitioner development services that are high-quality and current. By becoming a patron, you make this possible. 

The Patron Pass currently costs £75 per month but for every 5 people that you personally refer to (successfully) sign up for a patron pass plan, I will reduce the cost of your payment plan by £5 - and for each of the 5 new patrons referred!

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