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Nutritional Therapy Assessment- Extended

Extended 3-hour Nutritional Therapy assessment includes a personalised nutrition plan and education

  • 3 hr
  • 350 British pounds
  • Online

Service Description

Assessing Your Personalised Nutrition Requirements As a nutritional therapist, I provide safe, effective advice tailored to your unique needs. Factors shaping your personalised nutrition plan include health history, lab tests, lifestyle, work, culture, and values. We may need more time to discuss these in your assessment if you have: - Serious or complex long-term physical or mental health conditions - Atypical responses to standard medical care - Undiagnosed symptoms or concerns not yet discussed with a physician - Multiple medical or surgical therapies for long-term conditions - Difficulty focusing, remembering, understanding, or talking, or require an interpreter - Complex personal circumstances or relationship with food - Results from multiple or complex lab tests (genetic, blood, stool, imaging) Pre-Consultation Preparation Before we meet, you complete a health questionnaire and 7-day food, lifestyle, and symptom diary. This helps me understand your daily routines, nutrient intake, and triggers. These documents and recent lab results or health reports are securely shared through a GDPR-compliant portal. Initial Nutritional Therapy Assessment Your initial assessment is a 3-hour extended online consultation exploring your goals, concerns, motivations, barriers, and preferences. We clarify information to prioritise your personalised plan, ensuring it's safe, precise, and tailored to your needs. Post-Assessment Analysis and Plan Development I analyse everything to design your plan, including specific food and lifestyle habits and experiments to incorporate or substitute, plus any supplements, laboratory tests, or referrals that may be beneficial. You receive a PDF of your plan, referral letters, and a 2-hour extended education session to discuss the suggestions and ensure you understand the rationale. Please note that supplements and laboratory test costs aren't included in the assessment fee. If you want to eat a healthier diet designed for your unique requirements and health goals, book your initial nutritional therapy assessment today to get your personalised nutrition plan.

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