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What is Corporate Wellness?

An efficient business relies on the physical, psychological and emotional health of its workers. The overt costs of poor-health to business are self-evident: lost hours due to paid and unpaid sickness; redistribution of workload; impact on other team members; hiring, training and supervising temporary staff cover and re-hiring cost for long-term sickness and burn-out. The more insidious effects of lifestyle-related influences on health - such as under and over-nutrition, poor physical fitness, poor sleep quality and psychological stress - may create micro-cultural disruptions in quality of attitude, outlook and interactions in the workplace. 

Optimising productivity, concentration and energy in the short term through improving overall health and lifestyle habits has become increasingly popular in fast-paced, high performance demanding sectors. Many individuals are learning more about how to support their own health and short-term resilience. Such individual responsibility is commendable, though frequently, fads and trends with unsustainable or carry long term consequences. Peer-led influences may lead to a "blind, leading the blind" scenario that has cumulative or delayed effects on healthcare costs to business in later life. Long-term health of workers, as well as short term benefits of lifestyle changes need to be well balanced.

Individual responsibility can be encouraged and effectively supported through corporate investment in health care infrastructure that goes beyond annual health check-up and private health insurance. This is where Corporate Wellness packages come in! 

Corporate wellness packages involve: 

  • Comprehensive assessment of the current trends in sickness, staff turnover, healthcare packages and services available, food and beverage facilities on and off-site, as well as the cultural/team food and lifestyle habits for celebration, meetings etc.

  • Nutrition and lifestyle education programs.

  • Voluntary peer-led mentoring scheme - educating team leaders, managers and influential personalities to effectively encourage peers, to inspire, motivate and facilitate healthier habits and bonding experiences in teams and in the company. 

  • Nutritional therapy services for senior management who are interested in supporting their own health, to experience the benefits and more effective inspire others in the team to engage with lifestyle change initiatives in the company, with corporate discount schemes available as part of the package.

  • Nutritional therapy services available for team members with complex or ongoing health issues or those identified to be at risk of chronic health issues via medical annual check-ups, with corporate discount scheme or optional retainer schemes. 

  • Restaurant, cafeteria or vending innovation, with healthy-option schemes and nutritional information available.

  • Guidance on creation, implementation and evaluation of health incentive and accountability schemes. 

If you are interested, or want to find out more, get in touch!

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