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Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Membership

Save Money, Pay Monthly, Learn More

Year-round CPD training plan

As a nutritionist or nutritional therapy practitioner, committed to staying up-to-date with the latest evidence, you understand both its importance and the challenges that come with juggling continuing education whilst running and developing your clinical practice.

Continuing professional development (CPD) education courses can be a real time and energy saver, to help make you make clinical decisions with more confidence.

When you're making recommendations, you need resources you can trust: current, comprehensive and specific information about the true potential effects of each part of your plan: dietary models/patterns, food-groups, macro and micronutrients, nutraceuticals, and consider factors such as lifestyle, laboratory biomarkers, nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics, the microbiome - and clinical disease epidemiology. 

Sourcing, reading and critically appraising full-text research articles on even one of these topics, for one condition alone, takes time to do well. Evidence-based decision-making requires us to make sure our decisions reflect the majority of research on each topic, and can be objective about the quality, quantity and consistency of evidence. 

As a clinician, it is important to be able to access reliable summaries of available current evidence, so you can put it into practice and help your clients get make the changes that will help them achieve their health goals. 


Why AG Nutrition CPD courses? 

  • Completeness and Currency: AG Nutrition summarises findings from hundreds of the most recent systematic reviews and meta-analyses, the highest quality study syntheses, into every CPD lecture series to give you a comprehensive overview of the available evidence.

  • Transparency: The highest quality evidence studies are always prioritised. However research can sometimes be imperfect, inconsistent or biased. AG Nutrition courses include a critical discussion to help you understand the limitations and degree of certainty of current evidence, so you can make better-informed decisions. 

  • Clarity and Accuracy: CPD courses make use of the GRADE framework, which is the current gold-standard approach to communicating summaries of evidence. This makes it easier for you to understand the degree of benefit/or risk that might be anticipated, and how confident we can be when translating this into clinical recommendations. 

  • Relevance: AG Nutrition courses prioritise studies that focus on outcomes with the greatest clinical importance to clients and practitioners, not just theoretical mechanisms. This makes it easier to determine whether benefits or risks are truly relevant to your client's wellbeing. 

  • Independence: AG Nutrition has no history of financial sponsorship, commission or funding from food, nutraceutical or laboratory testing industries, that might influence objectivity or critical appraisal of research, products or services in education.  

  • Convenience: The majority of the CPD courses offered by AG Nutrition can be accessed on-demand, through a pre-recorded video-streaming platform. This means you can learn at your own-pace, at home, at a time that suits you. 

What factors influence the cost of CPD courses?


As an independent CPD provider, there are lots of hidden costs that you might not consider when looking for education:

  • Living expenses: without sponsorship or salary, hundreds of hours of time spent researching, critiquing, writing, editing and updating CPD courses, limit availability for other paid work eg.  clinical or practitioner mentoring services. 

  • Web and video-storage services: to provide online education on-demand, videos and other resources must be stored securely year-round. 

  • Access to pay-walled journal articles. 

  • Accreditation costs.

  • Promotion.

  • Course demand:  some topics, whilst clinically important, may be of greater relevance to some people than others, depending on their speciality and experience. Whilst popular or trending topics may encounter competition with other CPD providers, including those offering additional products or services that accompany their courses eg. tests, supplements. 

What are the benefits of the CPD Membership? 


The CPD Membership is a 12-month payment plan offered to nutrition and healthcare practitioners and students who would like to access year-round nutrition education courses and other resources, and save money in the process. This provides a predictable income stream, and makes independent CPD education more sustainable and affordable: 


  1. Ensuring that AG Nutrition is able to continue to provide independent CPD courses.

  2. Update existing CPD course with the latest evidence. 

  3. Create new CPD courses on a broad range of topics. 

  4. Maintain the quality of educational content. 

  5. Helping to lower the cost of CPD courses for all.  

  6. Reduce the cost of practitioner development services such as mentoring, clinical development and tutorial support. 

  7. Expand the range of educational resources available e.g., blog, vlog, e-books, infographics.

  8. Develop higher-tech interactive web and app platforms for courses, to make learning-on-demand more fun, and easier to remember. 

  9. Access CPD unlimited courses every month of the year.  

  10. Save 20% on nutritional therapy and practitioner development services such as mentoring. 

CPD membership costs £75 per month, the equivalent of around 3 new CPD courses.  

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