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Photograph of Adam Greer, Director of Adam Greer Nutrition


The values of AG Nutrition are the fabric from which all its services and resource are created and tailored. These include:

Evidence-Based Practice: Nutrition and health information provided by AG Nutrition is grounded in research and evidence. This forms the basis of all nutritional therapy, professional development services, and educational resources. AG Nutrition acknowledges that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, and is committed to assisting individuals and professionals in interpreting and applying research in a way that is meaningful and beneficial. 

Shun Sensationalism: AG Nutrition aims to present a balanced view of nutrition science. The utmost care is taken to resist the temptation to sensationalise or overstate health and nutrition claims, instead providing context, nuance, and sensibility. AG Nutrition aims to be a trusted source of information, free from the noise and hype that often surrounds nutrition and health topics.

Transparency and Objectivity: AG Nutrition is committed to maintaining an unbiased approach, free from conflicts of interest and financial bias, such as commission, sponsorship and endorsements from food, supplement and laboratory testing companies. This ensures the integrity, impartiality and accuracy of information that clients and professionals deserve.

Ethical Conduct: AG Nutrition strives to balance generating revenue to support its continued work and achieve its mission, whilst keeping its services accessible to a diverse range of individuals and professionals. Referral query questions reflect realistic outcomes, not empty sales-pitches, and clinical recommendations encourage a sustainable, healthy relationship with food. 

Social Responsibility: AG Nutrition takes its work, mission, values and its impact seriously. A proactive approach to feedback, errors, and inclusivity is always taken to ensure that information and services provide maximal benefit.

Curiosity and Passion: The spirit of inquiry is at the heart of AG Nutrition; constantly questioning, both in the interpretation of research and in the wider context of nutrition and health. This curiosity drives the mission to empower individuals and elevate nutrition professionals.

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