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Photograph of Adam Greer, Director of Adam Greer Nutrition


I am a London-based BANT Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Nutritionist with over 14 years experience in clinical practice.

How it all started

My initial interest in nutrition began following a new year's resolution to make more conscious decisions about my food choices, back in 2005. After a little experimentation, I noticed a few unintended changes: more energy, better sleep, less anxiety, clearer skin and an insatiable desire to learn more.

Early career

I quickly re-directed my career plans from counselling and psychology; by the autumn of 2005, I commenced nutritional therapy training.  After graduating, I was able to blend my interest in mental health with nutrition, establishing a nutritional therapy service within a drug and alcohol clinic, which I ran for 5 years. I developed a taste for training and education in this role, delivering courses to mental health and social care practitioners locally. 


My surprise love for teaching led me to Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and finally London, lecturing and supervising student clinical education.  Throughout more than 7 years as an educator, I maintained a diverse private practice. 


What I'm doing now


I provide nutritional therapy clinical services to people with a wide range of health issues. Specialising in complex case management, I work with clients who have multiple or complicated health issues; many are prescribed multiple medications, which can be trickier to navigate for less experienced clinicians. I dedicate half of my working hours to practitioner development services, supporting other nutritional therapists to deepen confidence and ensure their advice is up-to-date and evidence-based.

I make use of comprehensive health history information and laboratory assessment to create a personalised and client-centred experience. I pride myself on a cutting edge, evidence-based and sustainable approach to health promotion.  

I am passionate about mentoring both recent nutrition graduates and seasoned clinicians through made-to-measure packages. Personal, clinical and academic development are nurtured and accelerated, emphasising evidence-based nutrition practice and maximising potential.

Nutrition Education and Training

I have more than 7 years and over 12,000 teaching hours experience as a senior lecturer, clinical supervisor and academic tutor in Nutritional Therapy. I write and deliver CPD courses, bespoke 1-1 and group tutorials, workshops; training healthcare practitioners and students who want to deepen their understanding of nutrition and lifestyle interventions. Developing critical thinking, evidence-based practice and managing complexity is my key priority. 

I offer 1-1 and small group clinical supervision support to new and experienced clinicians alike who need a second opinion from time-to-time. I help focus recommendations, prioritise goals, highlight barriers or missing information and trouble-shoot complex or atypical presentations.  This makes for more rewarding and dynamic practise. 

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