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Photograph of Adam Greer, Director of Adam Greer Nutrition

About Adam Greer:
London Nutritionist & Nutritional Therapist 

I'm Adam Greer, a seasoned BANT Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Nutritionist based in London's prestigious Harley Street. With 15 years of invaluable experience in clinical practice, I'm dedicated to providing cutting-edge nutritional therapy and education. My journey spans various roles and cities, each contributing to my unique skill set and approach to nutrition.

How it all started

My journey into the world of nutritional therapy began in 2005 with a New Year's resolution to be more mindful of my food choices. The positive changes I experienced - more energy, better sleep, and overall wellness - sparked a passion that led me to change my life's direction.

Initially set on a career in counselling and psychology, I found my true calling in nutritional therapy that autumn. By bringing together my interests in mental health and nutrition, I established a nutritional therapy service within a drug and alcohol clinic and managed it for five fruitful years. During this time, I discovered a love for teaching and started delivering courses to local mental health and social care practitioners.

This love for teaching carried me from Manchester to Birmingham, Bristol, and finally to London. Throughout these travels, I maintained a vibrant private practice and enriched my experience by lecturing and supervising student clinical education for over 7 years.

Nutrition for Chronic Disease

I provide nutritional therapy services to people with a wide range of health goals. Primarily, my professional focus is on complex case management. I work with clients facing multiple health conditions, where the complexity of medication interactions, food hypersensitivities, or allergies necessitates a meticulous, comprehensive, and responsible strategy tailored to their unique challenges. My approach combines detailed assessment of health history, dietary habits and blood, genetic and stool test biomarkers (as needed), to create a personalised, focused, relevant and sustainable action plan. 

Trusted Nutrition Expertise

I'm proud to be affiliated with The Hale Clinic, a leader in integrative medicine opened by King Charles III, and also offer my services online. The cornerstone of my approach is a tailored plan, diving deep into your unique health story to craft an individualised food, supplement, and lifestyle strategy.

My method is not about transient changes or trend-driven diets; it's a careful, steady transformation designed for lasting impact. Whether you're looking to lose weight, enhance your sports performance, or deal with complex health issues, you can be confident that my advice is never one-size-fits-all.

Commitment to Supporting Practitioners:

I'm deeply passionate about elevating the profile of nutritional therapy, championing evidence-based practice and supporting the growth and success of fellow nutrition practitioners. I spend a substantial part of my time providing services and creating resources that help nutritional therapists to stay current, evidence-based, and confident in their practice. This includes:

Using a comprehensive assessment process, I provide structured, bespoke mentoring plans to help with anything from  business and marketing strategy to specialisation, research and clinical decision-making. Whether you're a new nutrition graduate or a seasoned clinician, I offer tailored mentoring packages to accelerate your personal, clinical, and academic development.

From refining recommendations and setting priorities to identifying gaps and trouble-shooting complicated cases, I offer experience, insight and trouble-shooting for nutritional therapy practitioners. My collaborative and collegiate approach helps to uphold the highest standards of care. 

Creating and delivering live and on-demand CPD courses, bespoke 1-1 and group tutorials I help practitioners stay up-to-date with the latest research and meet their active continuous professional development requirements and deepen their working knowledge. 

My multifaceted approach to supporting both individual clients and fellow practitioners reflects a comprehensive and passionate dedication to the field of nutritional therapy. Throughout every service I offer, my goal remains the same: to promote critical thinking, evidence-based practice, and the effective handling of complex cases. I'm not just passionate about what I do. I'm dedicated to using my expertise to make a real difference in the health and lives of my clients and fellow practitioners.

If you're ready to redefine your relationship with food and seize control of your well-being, or if you're a nutritional professional looking to elevate your practice, I'm here to guide you. Connect with me today to embark on a path to optimal health, guided by evidence-based practice and tailored care.

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