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How I make a difference

Health can feel complex, but optimising your habits doesn't have to be. I help to simplify the process, so people can take charge of their well-being and practitioners can make personalised nutritional therapy accessible to more people.

Your health is shaped by your genes and the choices you make every day. Things like what you eat, how active you are, and how well you manage stress can have a big impact on your long-term well-being.

It's important to have the right information and support to make healthy choices. That's why I'm passionate about making personalised nutrition and lifestyle guidance accessible. My goal is to help individuals improve their health and to empower fellow nutrition professionals to make a positive difference in our communities. I do this through:

  • Personalised Nutritional Therapy: Everyone has unique health needs, so I don't offer generic nutrition advice. Instead, I work with you to design a personalised nutrition plan that offers practical, easy-to-follow steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

  • Professional Development for Nutritionists: To improve access to nutritional therapy, I help practitioners develop clinical knowledge and business skills through mentoring, clinical support and continuous education.

  • Community Engagement: I collaborate with nutrition professionals to share practical nutrition knowledge and promote community health through social media, articles, training and public speaking.

  • Research Advocacy: My educational courses and mentoring highlight the importance of solid research and teach how to critically appraise and apply findings to the real world.

  • Business Support: I mentor nutrition professionals through the challenges of building, promoting and running a successful nutrition business, providing resources, structure and support. 

I believe that a healthier society starts with supporting individuals to make healthier choices. My work focuses on making it easier for people to improve their health through personalised nutrition consultations. This continues through mentoring my fellow nutritionists, helping them build strong practices so they can reach more people, and bring us a step closer to making personalised nutrition the new norm.

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