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Food and Drink

How I make a difference

Health is complex. Simplifying how we optimise health habits is what I do. My practice aims to empower people to care for their wellbeing and ensure practitioners have the support they need to make personalised nutritional therapy more accessible.  

Health potential is shaped by both innate factors and choices such as diet, hydration, exercise, rest, and mental engagement, which often have the greatest impact on long-term health.

The opportunity to make informed nutrition and lifestyle decisions is crucial for improving health and motivating others. The primary challenges include complexity, knowledge, support, and personalisation.

Through clinical practice, mentoring, and professional training, I strive to make personalised nutrition and lifestyle therapy accessible, supporting individuals' health and aiding nutrition professionals in contributing to a healthier, informed society.

  • Personalised Nutritional Therapy: Each health journey is unique, so I design nutritional plans tailored to individual needs. These plans offer practical, precise advice for a healthier lifestyle.

  • Professional Development for Nutritionists: To improve access to nutritional therapy, I help practitioners develop clinical knowledge and business skills through mentoring, clinical support and continuous education.

  • Community Engagement: I collaborate with nutrition professionals to share practical nutrition knowledge and promote community health through social media, articles, and public speaking.

  • Research Advocacy: My educational courses and mentoring highlight the importance of solid research and teach how to critically appraise and apply findings to the real world.

  • Business Support: I mentor nutrition professionals through the challenges of building, promoting and running a successful nutrition business, providing resources, structure and support. 

A healthier society begins with individuals. My practice supports individuals seeking to improve their health through personalised nutrition and develops practitioners to build a thriving professional ecosystem of nutritionists. 

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