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Photograph of Adam Greer, Director of Adam Greer Nutrition


The vision at AG Nutrition is a world where individuals are empowered to achieve their optimal health through personalised nutrition, and nutrition professionals are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and support they need to thrive in their careers, contributing to a healthier, more informed global community.

AG Nutrition aims make it easier to access accurate, current and trustworthy information about nutrition and health. 
AG Nutrition brings this vision to life through a multi-faceted approach:

  1. Personalised Nutritional Therapy: Everyone is unique and deserves a personalised approach to health and wellness. Nutritional therapy is tailored to each individual's needs and circumstances, focusing on practical, achievable action plans designed to optimise healthy living.

  2. Professional Development: I am deeply committed to the growth and success of nutrition professionals. Through mentoring, clinical supervision, and dynamic educational services, AG Nutrition helps to equip these professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their careers. AG Nutrition provides opportunities to expand their understanding, sharpen their skills, and stay at the forefront of nutritional science.

  3. Community Engagement: AG Nutrition actively engages with the broader community to share nutrition knowledge and promote healthier lifestyles. Using various platforms, including social media and public speaking events, AG Nutrition offers valuable insights and practical tips on nutrition and wellness.

  4. Research Advocacy: AG Nutrition champions evidence-based practice in the field of nutrition. Educational courses and mentoring services guide professionals to appraise and apply research effectively, focusing on the big picture rather than isolated studies, thereby cultivating an in-depth understanding of nutritional science.

  5. Business Support: I understand the challenges of building a successful business in the field of nutrition. Through mentoring resources and support, AG Nutrition services help nutrition professionals establish and grow their businesses, providing guidance on consistent communication, effective marketing strategies, and business operations.

By implementing these strategies, AG Nutrition is helping to create a healthier, more informed global community empowered by personalised nutrition and a thriving nutrition professional ecosystem.

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