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Why I do this

I started my practice to do two simple things:


  1. Help people get healthier.

  2. Help nutrition professionals get better at what they do.


My practical, no-nonsense advice, education and support cut through the noise of quick-fix fads and silver-bullet 'spin' so you can make healthier, informed choices.   


Helping you eat better

  • Direct advice: I give precise, personalised advice that you can actually use, helping you make changes that stick.

  • Support without the pressure: I’m here to offer advice and help, not to push you faster than you want to go. You decide what you want to work on, and I'll be there to support you, at your pace.

  • Clear goals and real results: We'll focus on what you really want to achieve and make a plan to get you there.

  • Step-by-step changes: I introduce small changes that build up over time, rather than rushing to change everything at once. Each week, I'll help you take simple, practical steps to stay motivated and make steady progress.

  • Learn to help yourself: My goal is to build the skills and knowledge you need to reach the point when you no longer need me. 

  • Tackling problems together:  If something’s getting in the way of your personal health goals, I'm here to help you figure out the problem and how to through it. No judgement, just solutions.

    If you're thinking about eating better, a free consultation might be the first step. We can discuss your goals, answer your questions and clarify whether my approach is the right fit for you.  


Supporting your nutrition practice

  • Understanding the bigger picture: I show you how to look beyond the details and see how everything connects, helping you make smarter decisions with confidence.


  • Growing your business: From starting up to scaling up, I offer straightforward advice to help you build your practice and attract more clients.


  • Making sense of research: I help you get to grips with the science so you can use it to make better choices without getting lost in the details. 


  • Keeping you updated: I sift through the latest studies and summarise what you need to know, so you're always ahead of the curve.


  • Developing your skills: I provide hands-on learning, tailored to your goals and business, with activities designed for direct application and continuous improvement.


  • Connecting with your message: I work with you to find a style of communication that feels natural and true to your message. This way, you can share your expertise with your audience in a way that genuinely resonates.

    Got questions or looking for a sounding board for your plans? It's always good to connect with other nutrition practitioners, so our first conversation is on the house if you'd like a quick chat. 

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