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Photograph of Adam Greer, Director of Adam Greer Nutrition


The mission at AG Nutrition is to empower individuals and elevate professionals in the field of nutrition.

I am dedicated to transforming health through personalised, evidence-based nutritional therapy for my clients, while fostering the growth and development of nutritionists through comprehensive mentoring, clinical supervision, and dynamic educational services.

The services and resources provided by AG Nutrition strive to enrich lives, optimise well-being, and advance the field of nutrition, one interaction at a time.

How AG Nutrition Empowers Individuals

  1. Person-centred approach: Crafting personalised, achievable action plans tailored to your needs.

  2. Autonomy: Guiding your journey, delivering solutions at your chosen pace.

  3. Self-determination: Targeting your top goals, maximizing your success potential. 

  4. Practical changes: Weekly actions bolstering motivation and resolve, step by step.

  5. Education: Cultivating understanding and independence, not long-term dependence. 

  6. Overcome barriers: Navigating challenges together, identifying and overcoming obstacles.

How AG Nutrition Elevates Nutrition Professionals

  1. Managing complexity: learn to see the big-picture, find new connections and unlock deeper clinical insights. 

  2. Building-up businesses: start-up, strategise, promote, expand and engage with confidence. 

  3. Engaging with evidence: Guiding research appraisal, prioritising comprehensive understanding over isolated study findings.

  4. Life-long education: distilling research to keep you updated. 

  5. Targeted development: Building skills through assessment, action, feedback, and review.

  6. Embrace your voice: Cultivating a consistent, authentic voice across all platforms.

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