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Clinical Development Service

New and experienced practitioners alike understand that every client is different and at times weight of responsibility rests heavy, especially when presented with less familiar health problems, or when we feel overwhelmed by the complexity of patients with numerous health conditions. Sometimes we just don't know where to begin; prioritising the first steps, adjusting the plan when people don't react the way we expect, or trouble-shooting when nothing seems to be working can feel stressful without support. To avoid feeling like the "blind leading the blind" in clinical practice - or constantly referring on potential clients to more experienced practitioners, you may wish to consider clinical supervision, to develop your proficiency. 


Clinical development consultations can help you to: 

  • Discuss challenging cases in confidence.

  • Prioritise action points. 

  • Ensure you are practising safely and minimising not only short-term, but also long term harm. 

  • Evaluate the most useful - and cost-effective therapeutics and laboratory assessments.

  • Get help interpreting tests and translating results into clinical solutions, especially where results are not "textbook". 

  • Receive proof-reading for protocols and referral letters to ensure they are professional and minimising risk of litigation. 

  • Workshop cases to check your understanding and discuss options to support your learning and development. 

  • Identify psychological dynamics affecting the relationship between yourself and your client. 

  • Reduce risk of overwhelm, burn-out and over-stretching your skill base. 

  • Recognise the limitations in your own scope of practice and know when to refer on and when a patient may be helpful to "stretch" your comfort zone. 

  • Understand how to adapt your questioning and recommendations based on unique needs eg. religious, philosophical, transgender patients. 

Clinical development consultations can be 1-1 or in small groups of up to 4 people. When more than one practitioner is receiving supervision, a minimum of 2 hours clinical supervision is required. 

Supervised clinical case taking is also an option for practitioners wanting to develop skills in complex case management. Here you will take a case under supervision with a longer "planning phase" of the consultation in order to to discuss and workshop clinical priorities and test interpretation, so that you get "live" clinical supervision, rather than retrospective feedback. An advantage of this, is that I can get insights into how you question and process that you might not notice yourself and therefore may not otherwise discuss in standard clinical development consultations. This process would require a 3-4 hour consultation rather than a standard 1-2 hour consultation.

You can do this privately, though you may also do this with 1-3 clinical peers to help with the workshop phase and to get shared learning. You would observe each other on a rotation, so that you all get the benefit of supervision with myself as well as your peers. This can help you split the costs of the supervision. 

If you are interested in finding more about how clinical development support could help you, get in touch or check out the prices and packages page by clicking on the link below!

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