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Clinical Development Service

In the ever-evolving landscape of nutrition and healthcare, professionals understand that no two clients are the same. Each presents a unique set of challenges and health concerns. AG Nutrition's Clinical Development consultations are specifically designed to equip nutritionists and nutritional therapists with the skill set required to manage these complexities effectively, offering confidential troubleshooting support to enhance your practice.


























How do AG Nutrition's Clinical Development Consultations help in managing professional burnout and overwhelm?

These consultations help manage professional burnout and overwhelm by identifying psychological dynamics affecting client relationships, and recommending ways to handle these dynamics. These dynamics may be between you and your client, you and your relationship with yourself, or dynamics in your personal life that may be affecting your work.

The sessions can highlight areas for improved efficiency in administrative or clinical processes that could save you time, energy and reduce stress. We may also explore, where relevant, how aligned your business vision, mission and values are with your practice, skills and passions, to target hidden internal conflicts that can drain your motivation and enthusiasm.  You will also receive guidance on reducing the risk of over-stretching your professional skill base, aiding in creating a balanced, sustainable practice.

How does AG Nutrition's Clinical Development Consultations facilitate client relationship management?


Most clinical disciplines can be affected by a range of complex personal, social, cultural or psychological factors. Clinical training as a student can make it easier to recognise, anticipate and improve sensitivity to these when working with clients. However, with so much to think about, and the quick pace of clinical practice, sometimes we might miss an important barrier to communication, understanding, or progress. This is where clinical development support can help. 

The support you receive during the clinical development sessions with AG Nutrition, can help you to adapt your questions on forms, during case-taking, education and follow-up appointments, as well as the recommendations you provide, to maximise the focus, detail, relevance and transparency of communication. The aim is to optimise your ability to understand and navigate your clients health issues and support them to make the changes that matter the most. By improving the way you gather the information you need during diet planning, and how you explain your recommendations, you can inspire action, honesty and trust more consistently.


There may be circumstances where more subtle dynamics affect your therapeutic relationship with clients, such as transference, counter-transference, projection and cognitive or social biases, which are often unconscious. If patterns emerge with clients, in how you feel, communicate, think or feel, this can often provide clues that benefit from deeper exploration. Addressing these issues in clinical development consultations ensure that you receive a tailored and empathetic approach to client care that places you as a person, not just a practitioner, at the centre.

How do AG Nutrition's Clinical Development Consultations ensure safe practice?

With over 15 years of nutritional therapy clinical practice experience, 7 years providing academic and clinical training to student nutritional therapy practitioners, and a decade of clinical development support for practitioners, Adam has a broad and deep understanding of the regulatory, legal, professional scope of practice and safeguarding frameworks that nutritionists and nutritional therapy practitioners must consider when running a clinical nutrition business. 

During the consultations, Adam emphasizes the importance of recognising limitations in a professional's scope of practice and making appropriate referrals when necessary. The consultations create an opportunity to maintain safe practices by minimizing short-term and long-term harm through careful case evaluation and prioritisation of action points. We also discuss health claims and compliance with these in your nutrition plans, and the terms of your insurance and professional membership. 

To learn more about how AG Nutrition's Clinical Development Support can help elevate your practice, get in touch or explore our pricing and packages by clicking on the link below! Empower yourself to provide exceptional care to your clients while continually growing as a nutrition professional.

What are clinical development consultations?

Clinical development sessions provide an opportunity to explore, in confidence, any concerns, challenges, uncertainties, and questions faced by nutritional therapists and clinical nutritionists with an experienced practitioner. The consultations can:

  • Advance Professional Competence: Gain valuable insights from a seasoned nutritional therapy practitioner.

  • Close Knowledge Gaps: Spot details you might have missed, identify areas for further training or information, and deepen learning by applying to real-world difficulties you encounter.  

  • Save Time: Learn from the expertise of others to make your practice more efficient.

The conversations can cover a broad spectrum of topics, from case-taking and laboratory interpretation to managing interpersonal dynamics and safeguarding issues.

How does it work?

  • Format: One-on-one or small group sessions (up to 4 practitioners)

  • Duration: One hour for individual sessions; two hours for group sessions

  • Scheduling: Pay-as-you-go or monthly packages for up to 12 months

Prior to each session, a brief anonymised case summary is required to maximise efficiency during the consultations. The sessions focus on troubleshooting, clarification, and action steps to optimise your client outcomes.

What are the key features of clinical development consultations?

  • Case Analysis: Confidential discussion of complex clinical scenarios.

  • Action Points: Prioritisation of actionable steps for your client management.

  • Safety Measures: Guidance on best practices to minimise risks.

  • Cost-effective Therapeutics: Evidence-backed selection of interventions and tests.

  • Document Accuracy: Proofreading protocols and referral letters.

  • Skill Enhancement: Workshops for continuous learning and skill development.

  • Client Dynamics: Exploration of psychological factors affecting practitioner-client relationships.

  • Personalised Strategy: Custom adaptation of questioning techniques and recommendations based on each client’s unique needs.

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