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Nutrition Assessment: Harley Street, Std

Kickstart your health with a personalised health, nutrition and lifestyle assessment and plan.

  • 2 hr
  • 450 British pounds
  • The Hale Clinic, 4 Harley Street, London, UK.

Service Description

Your nutritional therapy process will begin with an assessment of your personal and family health history, dietary habits and preferences, as well as other factors that might influence your personalised nutrition plan. You will be asked to complete a pre-consultation health questionnaire, and a detailed 7-day food, lifestyle and symptom diary, and submit these online, through your a secure, GDPR-compliant client portal. If you have copies of any recent laboratory test results, or written health reports from your doctors that you’d like me to consider, you can upload these here too. Your initial nutritional therapy assessment consultation (standard length) will last approximately 2-hours. During your face-to-face appointment, we will discuss your health goals, concerns, motivations, habits and preferences. I may ask you more to share further relevant details about your health, to ensure I have sufficient information to your phase one nutritional therapy plan is safe, appropriate and realistic. After we meet, I will provide you with a written pdf copy of the personalised nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, which will include details of any supplements, laboratory tests or referrals that may useful. Unless otherwise stated, supplements and laboratory tests are not included in your consultation fees. A standard consultation is suitable for those who do not require additional time to discuss their health and nutrition needs. Extended consultations are required if you: i) have a serious long-term diagnosed medical condition that affects your physical or mental health. This includes conditions that have required or may require future hospitalisation, or which you have been advised by your physician may be life-threatening. ii) have multiple long-term diagnosed medical conditions. iii) have one or more long-term diagnosed medical conditions that have responded atypically to standard medical care. iv) have numerous undiagnosed symptoms or concerns, of which your physician is currently unaware. v) have required or currently require multiple medical or surgical therapies to support long-term conditions that affect your health. vi) have difficulty hearing, communicating or understanding health information, or need an interpreter. vii) have a complex history relating to your health and/or relationship with food that may require more time to explain and discuss. viii) have multiple or complex/comprehensive laboratory tests eg. genetics.

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