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Nutritional Therapy: 12m Online Standard

12m healthplan (online, standard): 12x1h & 12x30m follow-ups.

  • 1 h
  • Online consultation

Service Description

This 12-month intensive health plan (standard, online) offers the ideal kickstart to help transform your nutrition and lifestyle habits, with regular fortnightly consultations. The standard package consultations are suited to clients who do not require additional time to discuss their needs. Please note that you are required to select an extended package if you: i) have a serious long-term diagnosed medical condition that affects your physical or mental health. This includes conditions that have required or may require future hospitalisation, or which you have been advised by your physician may be life-threatening. ii) have multiple long-term diagnosed medical conditions. iii) have one or more long-term diagnosed medical conditions that have responded atypically to standard medical care. iv) have numerous undiagnosed symptoms or concerns, of which your physician is currently unaware. v) have required or currently require multiple medical or surgical therapies to support long-term conditions that affect your health. vi) have difficulty hearing, communicating or understanding health information, or need an interpreter. vii) have a complex history relating to your health and/or relationship with food that may require more time to explain and discuss. viii) have multiple or complex/comprehensive laboratory tests eg. genetics. The package includes: 12x 1-hour monthly nutrition and health education and review consultations - to keep building on the improvements you make and enhance the benefits of your plan. 12x 30-minute mid-month motivation sessions - to help you stay on track to achieving your health goals and find practical solutions to developing consistency and simplicity. This package offers huge 40% savings compared with pay-as-you-go pricing - and you can choose to pay monthly with a payment plan. If you are not currently a nutritional therapy client with AG Nutrition you will need to purchase a separate nutritional therapy assessment consultation. An exception to this is if you have no health concerns, diagnosed conditions and take no medications of any kind.

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